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Akerton Partners attends conference on the impact of COVID-19 in the construction sector

The  Founder and CEO at Akerton Partners, Francisco Camacho, recently participated on a meeting organized by Danosa with more than 250 businessmen from the construction sector. A digital encounter where they discussed the economic impact generated by the COVID-19 state of alert. In charge of the conference was Manuel del Río, Managing Director of Danosa, he welcomed everyone and presented the speakers: Francisco Camacho and Carmen Viejo, director of Human Resources at Danosa.

Economically, businesses are facing now a feasibility and continuity challenge fuelled by the pandemic. Because of this, the main topic discussed was the taking of short-term measures, operational and financial, so that the activity can continue in this time of economic crisis. According to Danosa, we all must share our knowledge and experience to build a future together.  Other topics discussed were the management of working capital, the optimization of income and the expense containment. The attention was also put on the importance of carrying these measures once the state of alarm is over, and not only during the crisis.

The CEO at AKerton, as an independent advisor and specialist, has explained the financing alternatives, bank and operational, approved by different organisms -national and international- as well as other possible financial solutions that could be implemented.

Borja Hernández

In 2008 he began his career by joining the Cajamar bank as a private banking manager. In 2011, he joined the administrative department of Akerton Partners, S.L., additionally

supporting the different lines of business of the company (Back Office).

In 2017 he became part of the team of Annu Inversiones, S.L., participating in various transactions of assignment of receivables, loans and debt purchase.

Marta Muñoz

Marta holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Castilla la Mancha.

In 2017 she began her professional career by offering tax and commercial advisory services to various companies.

A year later, in 2018, she joined the financial department of Rosa Clará Group, in which she developed financial analysis tasks and accounting oriented to the presentation of monthly results.

In 2019 she joined the Financing department of Akerton Partners.

In 2019 she joined the Financing department of Akerton Partners.

Francisco Camacho

Founder and CEO

Francisco has a degree in Economics and Business Sciences with specialization in Audit by the Complutense University of Madrid, Advanced Direction programme in INSEAD (Fontainebleu). He has accomplished financial courses in Spain, France and U.SA.. He has been teacher and speaker in several universities besides giving lectures. He is member of the REA, ICJ.

In 1984 he joined Arthur Andersen as industrial businesses manager, being responsible of several projects in both audit and consulting.

In 1993 he joined Alstom as CFO and council secretary, being financial responsible and Advisor of several companies of the Group in Canada, México, France and Spain, besides being responsible for Real Estate projects in Spain, as well as for global cash flow and of financing projects in different countries. I

In 2000 he joined to Auna as Administration and Finance Director, being responsible for various financing and debt restructurings, achieving in 2004 along with his team, the award to the best refinancing of the year (4.500M€), award given by the magazine Euromoney. In 2005 he was designated CFO of the Auna Group, culminating with the sale of the Group to France Telecom Group (the mobile phone business) and to ONO (the fixed-line business) for the amount of € 12.800M. From 2006 he was designated CFO Purchasing Director of Orange Spain by France Telecom Group.

In 2007 he was awarded by the Spanish Association of Financial and Corporate Treasurers (ASSET) with the award to the financial excellence in the category of “Best financial manager of the year”. The aim of this award is to distinguish the actions implemented by the CFO in the company and the original financial solutions that had contributed to the success of the financial departments and that had an impact on the companies performance.

In 2008 he founded the financial advisory firm today known as Akerton Partners.